Year in Review (2012)

What’s good for the goose, or something like that, right?

I didn’t do a recap for 2011, and apparently my 2010 recap featured my “I’m a little teapot” pose. I need to talk to the guy who wrote that one. Anyway, because I know Kerri won’t mind, I’m swooping her recap meme for this post. Here’s the first sentence of a meaningful post for each month. Let’s see how/if my writing has improved over the year.

January: “Sorry for the long title.”

February: “Finally, I’ve made a contribution to the You Can Do This project.”

March: “There was some chatter over the weekend, some of it instigated by me, about this thing called Medicine X.”

April: “Kim “My Corgi was featured on the Daily Corgi” Vlasnik wrangled up a bunch of us people with type 1 diabetes that were diagnosed as adults for a group video.”

May: “You’d think this is the easy part of using the Dexcom.”

June: “Diabetes and I don’t often get along.”

July: “Children with Diabetes puts on a conference every year called ‘Friends for Life’.”

August: “A riddle for you, my eager-readers, on this, my 28th birthday.”

September: “Proof that I’m hanging out at Stanford with some pretty awesome people.”

October: “As of this post I’ve gone through 46 out of the opening 50 test strips that came with my iBGStar.”

November: “I’m in the middle of a creative lull, so you’ll have to forgive the lack of exposition.”

December: “48 hours is enough time to offer hyperbolic impressions of this thing, right?”

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