I Finished Reading Kerri’s Book

Last week I finally finished reading Kerri Sparling’s Balancing Diabetes: Conversations About Finding Happiness and Living Well. I was given an advanced copy of the book around Christmas time. While a formal review was not required, this thing is too good to not share some thoughts with the rest of you. I also contributed to one of the chapters, but we’ll get to that.

Here’s the short version: If you know Kerri, if you like her style (at sixuntilme.com), if you are someone living with diabetes – recently diagnosed or a proud recipient of a 25 year Joslin medal, or if you are caring for someone with diabetes…this book is required reading. It’s fantastic.

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Before we get going, I want you to know that I plan on featuring Kerri and some of the other contributors in an upcoming episode of my podcast, so this won’t be the last you hear about this book from me.

First, some context for my comments. Kerri was the first person I found in the diabetes online community. She was the third person I followed on Twitter. This blog exists because of Kerri – she’s the reason I started blogging. In a weird way, I can give her the assist onn most of the great that has happened to me in the past 4+ years. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have my podcast, I wouldn’t have my diabetes under control, and most importantly, I wouldn’t have Dayle. Kerri has always been a good friend and a great role model for the diabetes online community.

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Kerri Wrote a Book

Kerri wrote a book. I know this because I helped contribute to one of the chapters. I also know this because I was forwarded a link to her book on Amazon, so you know it’s legit. I also know this because I received an advanced copy and am reading it right now (well, after I finish posting this). I’ll have more formal thoughts on it later, but for now I can happily confirm…it’s really good.

In other news, I may have created a new diabetes-based Tumblr or two over the weekend. I need to figure out how to best approach them, but I’m determined to figure out how to use that platform to engage the diabetes community. People get Twitter and Facebook, and there are plenty of blogs out there, too. But Tumblr sits in a weird limbo between those platforms. And so I will continue to experiment until I strike gold.

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About Medicine X – DSMA Live

I’m going to title all of my Medicine X-related posts with that opening to keep things consistent. This should help the thought-gathering process as foggy ideas become keystrokes become sentences become paragraphs become (hopefully) complete posts.

To start, here’s my appearance on DSMA Live from last night: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diabetessocmed/2013/10/04/dsma-live

We discussed my impressions of the conference compared to last year, the panel I moderated, Google Glass, and some of the broader themes that a number of ePatients touched on throughout the weekend.

I also derail the show a few times to talk about living in San Francisco and how it compares to southern California, Breaking Bad (no spoilers), and Soul Glo.

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The Day After

Medicine X is a little over 12 hours in my rear view mirror and there’s a lot to discuss – far too much to cover in a single blog post. But since you’re here, I want to give you a rough estimate of the stuff you can expect from me over the next couple of weeks as I digest the past three days.

Sara and I will be combining powers to give impressions of the conference some time soon. I think it will provide a well-rounded picture of the weekend given the variety of expectations for the conference. Having gone to Medicine X last year, our perspectives leading up to the conference were no doubt going to be different.

At some point I’m going to start curating my tweets for a lengthy Storify post. I’ll be sure to pepper in pictures from the Medicine X Flickr account as well to paint a clear picture of what I was a part of.

And of course there will be my impressions on the panel I moderated – which was awesome.

Our panel.

There are a few other stand-out moments that I want to take the time to dissect for your and my pleasure. Even though I went through this last year, it’s still hard to comprehend how so much could be fit into such a short timeframe.

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This is happening. #googleglass #MedX

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(That’s me with Dr. Larry Chu, the conference director. He let me wear his Google Glasses for nearly 3 hours. That’s the kind of awesome the weekend included.)

I appreciate your patience as I try to figure out exactly what I want to say about all of this, but I think the fact that there’s so much to talk about is a good thing.

Dont forget to check out my Storify post on my Medicine X experience.

Disclosure: I was awarded a partial scholarship to attend Medicine X this year. All other expenses, including the remainder of the registration was paid out of pocket. In case there was any doubt, I’m writing about this stuff for me.

Every Thing On It


This is a book composed of “never-before-published poems and drawings” from Shel Silverstein. It will go well with the collection of Silverstein, Seuss, Calvin and Hobbes, Toot and Puddle and more thanks to Dayle’s awesome collection. Sometimes life is best expressed in the occasional carefully crafted rhyme. I’ve never been known for my rhyming skills so please do not expect anything past a limerick or “roses are red” from me. I suppose it’s special enough that I come back here each day to share another piece of my life with you all, right?

Here’s a quick one from the book though.

Here I go down circle road
Strong and hopeful hearted
Through the dust and wind up just
Exactly where I started

Have a great weekend.

WordPress. Just one more thing Droid Does.


With all that is going on in my life I decided to get this episode of Just Talking recorded a little earlier than normal. Hopefully this can become a trend, not a fluke. This week, Elizabeth makes her podcasting debut. It’s not every day that I have someone that returns multiple results from a search on Amazon.com. We spend some time talking about what it’s like being a big deal in your local grocery store, evaluate the distractability of hummingbirds and the lengthy, yet rewarding experience of adopting her daughter. This was a fun one, be sure to let me know what you think of it.

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(Trying To Be) Ethical

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced over my year and some change of blogging is defining and respecting lines. How much is too much? Is this relevant to anyone besides me? Would I want my parents to read this (especially since I know they are reading)? Simple questions like that are constantly swirling around. There have been plenty of moments over the past year that would have made a great story on this blog. I’m sure someone would have enjoyed reading it. But there is a level of propriety that I have to manage with this public space. Even if this is my blog, it’s not just about me.

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