An Eventful Week

I’ve spent the better part of last winter and all of this year trying to figure out what it is I want to do. I have all of these side projects and blogs and advocacy efforts, but turning those more-or-less hobbies into any kind of reasonable income is, and has been a challenge. After a gaggle of resumes and inquiries into possible opportunities, my luck finally took a turn last week with not one but two different interviews – on the same day.

The next day I had two offers.

And by the weekend I had written two different announcement posts for my new employers.

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End of a Chapter

Hello there.

Today is my final day working at the American Diabetes Association. Working here for the past 4+ years has been some of the most rewarding of my professional career. It has been an honor to work beside so many passionate advocates and inspiring people knowing we are making a better life for me, my fiancée, and the millions living with and impacted by type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

This was the opening to my Farewell. note to my peers at the Home Office and throughout the field this morning informing them that my time at the Association has come to an end.

For all the emails I’ve sent, that was one of the most difficult to complete. But as that chapter comes to a close, now I get to look ahead to starting a new chapter. The mixture of opportunity, potential, and uncertainty is quite potent. But I’ve got a good feeling about this next phase of my life.

As far as administration is concerned, I’m not going to change any of my disclaimers – I’m still not a doctor, and this is still a personal blog. But I will update my employment disclosures, because, you know, ethics and whatnot.

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Alternative Office Agreement

Today was my last day working in the Home Office of the American Diabetes Association.

Which means I’m one step closer to this:

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Thankful to be moving to San Francisco in January.

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By way of this:

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Taking a Stand

Last Friday I had a frustrating revelation. Commuting for close to three hours plus sitting at my desk for at least eight hours means at least eleven hours sitting still during the work day. Sure, I walk across the street to get lunch sometimes but for the most part I’m stationary. I hate it. So I decided to take a stand. Literally.

I stood up at my desk for the last few hours of that day and came in to work at the beginning of the week determined to give this thing a try. A full week later I can safely report that Chuck Taylor’s are not very comfortable.

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Stay Classy


I’m in San Diego for the American Diabetes Association’s 71st Scientific Sessions. Posts from me here will be short and sweet. I will be offering thoughts on the conference during the day on Twitter (@iam_spartacus). Be sure to follow the hashtag #ada2011 too.

Please remember that the stuff I’m commenting on, while it is legit, and awesome – I do not represent the Association here or in any other online capacity.

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San Diego


I’m going to be in San Diego from next Wednesday through the following Wednesday. I’ll be working 95% of the time, as one of the on-site staff for the American Diabetes Association’s 71st Scientific Sessions. To quote Rebecca Black – we so excited.

There’s also supposed to be a gaggle of bloggers and all-around awesome DOC peeps there too. Naturally, an after-hours gathering is required. Hence: BOWLING!

Hit up George or get in contact with me for details if you’re going to be in the area Wednesday night. Be warned, I’m bringing a portable recorder with the hopes of compiling enough audio for a “Live” Just Talking. We so excited.

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