Dealing with the United States Postal Service

Did you know typical wedding invitations weigh too much to be covered by a forever stamp? That’s right, forever stamps will handle postage for envelopes weighing up to one (1) ounce.

Did you know that the cost of typical wedding invitation postage is 70¢? Seems awfully specific, doesn’t it?

Did you know the USPS offers 70¢ stamps that happen to be designed for wedding invitations? It’s true. It’s true.

And, did you know that fun design elements like putting a return address stamp on the back of your wedding invitation yields a 50/50 chance the return address will be interpreted as the destination address if it’s read incorrectly by the sorting machines?

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It’s a Metaphor

Among the many items on our wedding to-do list is figure out this honeymoon deal. While Bora Bora (featured above) may not specifically happen, the idea of waking up over the water is too much to pass up.

Which means we’re going to “Bora Bora” for our honeymoon, and in this case “Bora Bora” is sort of a metaphor for “we want to go somewhere beautiful for a week and wake up over the water.”

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Wedding Progress And Things

While this won’t become a proper wedding planning blog or anything like that, there’s some solid back-patting going around in the Snider/Kern home right now.

On the diabetes front, I would appreciate it if you could hop over to Kim’s blog and offer any insight you can on the emotions of insulin pumping – for a friend.

Yes, the friend is me.

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A Family Gathering

Looking back on Saturday night, the first time both Dayle’s and my families were under one roof, celebrating our engagement, I realized I didn’t take any pictures once everyone arrived.

This is because we spent the entire night laughing, sharing stories, and having a great time. Something as trivial as capturing the moment with my phone never crossed my mind.

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An Eventful Friday

Dayle and I are in Huntsville, Alabama planning our wedding. While sharing the specifics of what we’ve accomplished today is not appropriate, I can say that we’ve visited multiple venue locations, met with a florist, and a baker. We’re also making plans to meet with at least one photographer and caterer before we return to San Francisco on Tuesday.

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Wedding Planning.

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Travel, As Told By Instagram

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