Let’s Go Caps

At nearly every home game for the Washington Capitals (depending on the score) the jumbotron focus on a seemingly random individual in the lower deck. This person then stands up and leads the nearly 19,000 Caps fans in a simple yet effective “Let’s Go Caps” chant. It took me a few home games before I realized this guy was a virtual institution within the fanbase. This man, William Stilwell or the Loud Goat as he is known to the Capitals faithful joins me for Episode 92 of Just Talking. We discuss the origins of his nickname, the exact moment Washington D.C. became a hockey town, and what it is like to command an entire arena of fans for 30 seconds.

We’re hardcore hockey in this episode, but there’s something in this episode for everybody. Enjoy.

You can follow William on Twitter @LoudGoat.

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Dayle’s awesome. She has season tickets to the Washington Capitals. She is part of a group of friends that go to every home game (or as many as possible). When one of these friends can’t make it to a game, I occasionally get a discounted ticket to one of said home games.

This post has nothing to do with diabetes, but it’s worth mentioning again that Dayle is awesome.


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A Christmas Story

I’ve been holding on to this post for months, and now I can finally tell this story. There’s a bit of backstory required before the punchline – hopefully my lack of genuine writing hasn’t fallen off the cliff too much. Do I have what it takes to tell a compelling story? Doubtful, but you should read the rest of this anyway. (Have I delayed long enough?)

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Unleash the Fury

Episode 50 was great, but 52 means a full year of podcasts. I didn’t think I had it in me, but I had some great guests to make the journey feel more like a sprint than a marathon. Joining me this week is Dayle. She’s part of the always-awesome Diabetes Online Community, loves Cookie Monster, the Washington Capitals and paper. Random? Yes. Relevant? Of course. Makes for a great podcast? You bet. (Believe it or not, I have been trying to get Dayle on my podcast for almost a full year, I guess I finally broke her down 😉 )

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So Mysterious

Depending on your ability to lurk on twitter you might have noticed an increase in vague and mysterious tweets. It’s about all I can do right now. Of course in talking about my inability to talk about what is going on I realize I’m engaging in a cycle of absurdity. For what it’s worth, I hope to reveal what is behind door number one next week. If all goes to plan. But if the current (or any other) season of 24 is any indication, no plan is secure unless Jack Bauer is running point. DROP THE WEAPON!!!

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