Farmers’ Markets are Cool

As suggested, if you have access to them, farmers’ markets are pretty cool.

This past Sunday morning I came away with apples, strawberries, broccoli, green beans and sugar snap peas for $20. Sure, I could go into some soapbox-y speach about supporting local businesses and eating organic blah blah blah, but the truth is I feel better during the week when I actually come close to adhering to that “apple a day” nonsense you heard as a child.

I feel better during the week when I regularly incorporate fresh vegetables into my dinners.

I feel better knowing that I’m making incremental process to finding a better version of me, through the food choices I make. Every little bit helps, and I’ll take whatever I can get.

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How do you like them apples?

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Chopping Broccoli

I’ve occasionally mentioned my desire expand, and more importantly, round out my diet to something that would appear to be slighly more proper. Reaching FDA recommended levels of vegetable and fruit intake aren’t an impossible feat, but considering where I started from I will take baby steps to a healthier diet. Fruit isn’t a big barrier of entry for me but the side of the equation, those silly vegetables are a tough cookie. Or something like that.

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Hail Caesar

So I know that one of the big responsibilities that goes with being a person with Diabetes is maintaining a healthy diet. All of a sudden nutrition labels are the most interesting thing in the world when you go grocery shopping. Like magic, the ability to convert carbs into units of insulin is bestowed upon Wilford Brimley Fan Club members around the world. Continue reading