Just Another Day

Presidents Day is a holiday for my company. This means that over the past 10 days, I’ve been home for 9 of them. I’m not quite cabin feverish since the past few days have been decent enough outside to drive around and interact with people other than my parents and neighbors. I’m hoping that these past couple of weeks will be the last of the winter season but with that stupid groundhog seeing his shadow…who knows. Along with being home on Monday, I was also home Sunday, you know Valentine’s Day. Ironically I had been focusing on this day for about a week trying to convince myself that it’s just another day. But it’s not just another day. Even if the idea of love has been commercialized to embarrassing proportions, at its core there still remains the idea of being with someone. Compared to last year I think I’m at a better place but there’s still a big void in my life. It sucks.

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Cupid Hates Me

Another Valentine’s Day has come and past. I initially resisted writing up something on this “holiday.” I didn’t think I could offer anything uplifting or positive to the discussion and I did not want to be a buzz kill to those with actual plans for the weekend. But since the day has past, I’m going to treat this one as an attempt to discuss some of the reasons I am not a fan. Most are cliche, but that’s the point right? It’s all about putting a unique and hopefully personal interpretation on a common discussion topic. So while this isn’t necessarily a rant, I’m sure I will be approaching rant speed at times. You’ve been warned. Continue reading