It’s a Metaphor

Among the many items on our wedding to-do list is figure out this honeymoon deal. While Bora Bora (featured above) may not specifically happen, the idea of waking up over the water is too much to pass up.

Which means we’re going to “Bora Bora” for our honeymoon, and in this case “Bora Bora” is sort of a metaphor for “we want to go somewhere beautiful for a week and wake up over the water.”

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Beach Bound in the Winter

Not as bad as you might think…

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Finding My Way

And this is why I haven’t been posting Dexcom pictures lately

I tend to think of my over-sharing of Dexcom photos as a form of accountability. By being open about my highs and lows I think it helps keep a degree of focus about my diabetes management. That was part of the reason for starting the Daily Dexcom Tumblr – to show genuine ups and downs of this disease, as told by Dexcom graphs (and potentially pretentious image filters). But what happens when I start to second-guess my decision to share? What happens when I hold back?

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