About That #dstigma Chat

Sunday evening I moderated a Twitter chat for Johnson & Johnson around diabetes stigmas. Prior to the in-person event, they had asked a number of people in the diabetes community to share stigmas they have experienced or encountered. From there, the objective was to share stigmas with the broader online community and hopefully learn how to deal with the blame, shame, and anger.

Along with stigmas, I think complications is the only other topic that has to be carefully approached in a public forum. It’s easy to lash out at the uninformed, especially on a platform like Twitter, so there was particular care taken with the questions and prompts I posted throughout the night. The objective was to have people open up without feeling exploited or embarrassed.

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Daylight Savings

What will you do with that extra hour? To my diabetes peeps, does daylight savings play nice with your insulin pumps and basal rates? To my gamer peeps, what is an extra hour of Fallout: New Vegas or playing with Kinect what you’re looking for this weekend?

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On Emergencies and Broadcasts

After taking a week off from these gaming posts and still trying to get the smile off of my face, it’s only natural that I still have PAX on the brain. Of all the fantastic experiences and stories that came from Penny Arcade Expo’s debut in Boston, I’m still soaking in the information I received from the many panels I attended. My favorite panel was, “Traversing the Twitterverse, and Beyond!”, which focused on how social media is used to listen and respond to communities. Points addressed in this panel didn’t just apply to someone as prominent as Major Nelson, but to anyone with a Twitter account. What I found particularly interesting was how some of the concepts and theories discussed in the panel would be evident in the recent fiasco with Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package Map Pack.
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I’ve Been Published

A few weeks ago I got a twitter message asking if one of my tweets could be used in a magazine. I didn’t think anything of it. Sure, my profile is public, twitter is public domain, I haven’t said anything that I should be ashamed of (recently). Why not? Last week I got another message from Kelly Rawlings (@KellyRawlings): “Hello. Your copy of DL magazine shd arrive nxt wk–see p. 39, article about #diabetes support groups. Thx!” Sweet, I’m going to be in a magazine? Wait, I thought print journalism was dead? (Kidding).

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