Here’s an Update of Stuff Available on Netflix Instant Watch

I’m quite fond of Netflix – specifically their streaming content. Thanks to Netflix I’ve enjoyed seasons upon seasons of wonderful television programming like:

As a public service to you (and because I don’t have anything else worth writing about at the moment) I’ve picked out a few of the latest releases to come through the interwebs to your streaming device of choice.

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I Want a Bugatti Veyron

My first car (that wasn’t the family van or explorer) was a 1997 Saturn SL2. A dark red four-door sedan (because I was often driving with friends and I hated getting in and out of coupes) that served me well through most of high school and all of college. I’ve read the horror stories about “first cars”, my dad has plenty of stories about the first cars he drove growing up (and also how he or his brothers managed to wreck them). I loved that car but it wasn’t the most extravagant vehicle. I would describe it as an A-B car – it would get you from A to B without much trouble, but it wouldn’t be good at much else.

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