Making New Travel Preparations

Whenever I fly, I never check my diabetes supplies. Odin forbid something happen to my luggage, being without my insulin is not an option while those shenanigans get sorted out. The backpack I used to bring with me could comfortably fit my various diabetes supplies, DLSR, and laptop, and whatever else I deemed essential for carry-on purposes, but it’s always been a bit much for walking around. I’m sure all of that storage space would be ideal if I ever went camping, but walking around a city? I needed something a little less conspicuous.

In preparing for my trip to Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo, I decided to invest in this:

If you’re interested, I’d suggest looking at Amazon first. They have the same color selection, but some of the prices are dramatically lower, and you can still take advantage of the 2-day shipping via Prime.

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