Turk Has Diabetes

Dayle introduced me to “Scrubs” a few weeks ago and we’ve been going through the show at a pretty decent clip ever since – thanks Netflix.

We just reach the point in season 4 when Turk was diagnosed with diabetes. I’m not sure if “comforting” is the right word, but I thought it was cool that I put the pieces of the puzzle together before the characters on the show reached the same conclusion. Ever since his diagnosis the show has mentioned his diabetes a few times, with the occasional joke or b-plot line. While they don’t always avoid the classic stereotypes (“Why is this guy getting his foot amputated?” “He has diabetes”), there have been some spot-on moments dealing with the emotional burden of living with this disease.

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Here’s an Update of Stuff Available on Netflix Instant Watch

I’m quite fond of Netflix – specifically their streaming content. Thanks to Netflix I’ve enjoyed seasons upon seasons of wonderful television programming like:

As a public service to you (and because I don’t have anything else worth writing about at the moment) I’ve picked out a few of the latest releases to come through the interwebs to your streaming device of choice.

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Why Roku

I’ve had some time to adjust to life without cable and I think I’m finally ready to put thought to keyboard. Almost a month ago Dayle and I came to the conclusion that we watch far too much television without actually watching television. Somewhere between my checking twitter on my iPad and her reading on her Kindle – all of this while Chopped was on in the background – we realized enough was enough. I had had plenty of conversations with friends and colleagues about “cutting the cord” but up until that moment the idea of putting that theory in to practice was not something I had seriously entertained. A few hours later and some mild spreadsheeting to confirm – I was convinced this was something worth pursuing. Logistically, this could work.

Cutting the cord works for us logistically because we spend most of our time watching shows off the DVR. We watch Jimmy Fallon the day after it airs. We tape Modern Family and the Thursday night lineup on NBC and watch it later because our jobs and commute leave us with enough energy to make dinner and not much else. Watching live television basically boiled down to Football and Hockey – more on that in a few sentences. Outside of the DVR our media came from a handful of familiar streaming services: Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go. If you add in Hulu Plus, Roku offers the ability to consume all of those streaming services through one handy device.

Simply put: Google Reader : RSS :: Roku : Streaming Television Services. Rather than go to each service individually through an iPad or Xbox or through your laptop’s HDMI output, Roku functions as a central hub for all your streaming needs. After a few minutes of configuration and account verification, you are ready to watch all your favorite programs online. Legally.

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Skipping Commercials

Face it, as awesome as the Super Bowl can be as a football game, the media spectacle of the event both locally and television-ally far overshadows any athletic accomplishments. You know it, I know it and as soon as Nielson finishes their data crunching, the world will know it. I’m not trying to take away from the game, the game was extremely entertaining and I was interested until the last play. I’m know a lot of you thought a comeback was still in the mix even though the Steelers had the length of the field to drive with a single timeout. Roethlisberger has done it before, and he will probably do it again, just not last night (we’re talking about a game-winning drive, not his ‘other’ activities).

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