Behind the Scenes

Welcome to 2011! My journey to collect all of the hosts of the Talking About Gamers podcast is almost complete, as Kyle Orr joins me for an hour of awesome. As expected, we spend a good portion of the podcast talking about the world of video games, including his role on the podcast, his best practices for post news stories to Talking About Games, how he came to writing reviews and why Game Dev Story is worth your money. Outside of gaming, we also discuss unemployment, the Minnesota Vikings, and 155″ televisions.

I’m looking forward to what the new year will bring for my podcast, hopefully you’ll be along for the ride. Enjoy.

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Beat Writer

From the Talking About Games community and, Harrison Milfeld joins me as 2010 approaches its final days. We spend the opening of the podcast naturally talking about video games – the good, the bad, and the portable. After the gaming talk, the rest of the conversation revolves around Harrison’s college and career choice. The intricacies of attending one of the most prestigious Journalism schools, overcoming fear and doubt, and the future of the Journalism industry are just a few of the topics discussed. I’ve been looking forward to having Harrison on my podcast for a while now, hopefully you’ll see why. Enjoy.

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Talking About Gamers

As 2010 comes to a close, a traditional conversation held among many gamers is the fabled ‘Game of the Year’ debate. Naturally, I found a guest for this week of Just Talking that is up to his elbows in video games. Steven Hayward, co-host of the Talking About Gamers podcast, is my guest. Of course we talk about video games, but we also talk about the sad state of Michigan athletics, the circumstances that resulted in launching the same podcast three times, and what motivates Steven to be an exceptional father.

Because we love you, there’s also a brief preview of the new Google laptop. Enjoy.

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UncleGamer Radio 139

Parris, the Godfather, brought me on Episode 139 of UncleGamer Radio. We talked a lot about video games, if that’s your things, as well as some iPhone games, the NFL, and a few other tasty nuggets of fun. I always enjoy talking with Parris, he’s good people. Whenever he brings me, and Talking About Gamers host Robbiejo on together, good things are always bound to happen. Give it a listen.

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The End of an Era

This past Monday I recorded my last episode of the Post Game Report as a featured host. While I’m not done talking about video games, my ability to keep up with content and provide a true value to each show was diminishing. The guys wouldn’t tell me that, but I didn’t want to hold them, or any future hosts back because I wasn’t playing the games that our audiences cared about.

The Post Game Report was a true adventure and ultimately one that I was so fortunate to be part of. My personal podcast, Just Talking, wouldn’t exist if I had never been offered a spot on that show. I owe so much to those guys.

Here is my swan song – Episode 123: Goodbye Edition.

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Four Star General

With the launch of Halo: Reach upon me, it only felt natural to go back into the Talking About Games bullpen to talk about a bunch of stuff that naturally started and ended with video games. Since I have already exhausted my partners in crime from the Post Game Report, my next option was to find someone from my podcasting brothers that make up the Talking About Gamers podcast. Joining me this week is Jason Gristick, or as his faithful followers know him – Golf Rat. Normally I don’t like to talk about video games with someone who is mostly known for their opinions video games but I think you’ll agree this was a worthy exception to the rule. After gaming we get into a bunch of other aspects of Jason’s life that ultimately make up a great listen.

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