Why I’m Switching to an Insulin Pump

I’ve been on insulin injections since I was diagnosed in 2002. I started out on syringes, Humalog and Humalin. I still remember my instructions for mixing the two at breakfast and dinner, “cloudy before clear”. I still remember the first night I tried to take an injection with my newly received insulin pens and realizing I never got a prescription for the pen needles, “how do you get the insulin out?” I have the daily management of used and unused insulin pen needles to an oddly obsessive compulsive science. I’ve minimized my diabetes footprint so well when I travel that I’m more worried about packing enough socks for a short trip. I’ve got this stuff down.

But it’s time to switch to a pump.

The primary impetus for joining the pumping contingent lies primarily with the featured picture above, that recurring Dexcom graph, and a devious mistress called Dawn Phenomenon.

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