Just Talking with Susannah Fox

Susannah Fox returns to the podcast this week to talk about her work at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, sharing her son’s food allergies with Stanford Medicine X, the rewarding challenge of engaging an audience on Medium, and a new exercise in empathy from people impacted by cystic fibrosis. Enjoy.

Follow Susannah on Twitter @SusannahFox and susannahfox.com.

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You Should Listen To Susannah Fox Speak

This is last week’s Engage and Empower Me class, part of Stanford’s MedX Live. Susannah Fox is good people. When she speaks, you should listen.

Her notes can be found on her on blog – http://susannahfox.com/2014/02/07/put-down-the-clipboard-and-listen/ – if you’re curious.

It’s also worth noting that Susannah was on an episode of my podcast two years ago.

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Pew Internet

Susannah Fox, Associate Director at Pew Internet & American Life Project, is on the podcast this week. We spend the hour admiring data, the process of developing a study, the value of open data, and we take a glimpse at how deep the rabbit hole of research and analysis can go. Enjoy.

Follow Susannah on Twitter at @SusannahFox.

And you can keep up with Susannah’s findings and musings at pewinternet.org and e-patients.net respectively.

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