About Medicine X 2014 – Day 3

We made it to the last day of tweets. Here’s the Storify post of my comments along with some shots from the official Medicine X Flickr account. As usual, some of my favorite moments are highlighted below.

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About Medicine X 2014 – Day 1

Another day, another link to a Storify post full of tweets and pictures from the first official day of Stanford Medicine X 2014.

Here are my favorite moments from the day’s adventures.

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Day of Diabetes

Last Friday I had the grand idea of “live tweeting” a day of diabetes. Every time I took a diabetes action, be it checking my Dexcom receiver, injecting insulin, or eating would get a tweet. I wasn’t sure how this would be received by my followers. Not that I’m looking to appease everyone, but I know that there’s a potential to overwhelm people with stuff like this. That’s why I try to post warning messages before my participation in #dsma chats.

But early on in the process I realized that it didn’t matter if I was inconveniencing anyone. If they want to unfollow me, that’s fine. The point of this was to show that diabetes, even on the good days, can be overwhelming. The point was to show that this disease is infinitely more complicated that the uninitiated could imagine. The point was to provide a moment of insight into what this disease is really like. After curating all of the tweets (and adding some commentary) on Storify, I have some final thoughts on the day’s adventures.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you can see my day on Storify.

First, to the people who thought “that’s a lot”, bless your heart: That was a good day.

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About Storify

Burt Herman, co-founder of Storify is on this week talking about, naturally, Storify. We cover its origins, unique use cases, and its hopeful impact on the future of online journalism. We also spend some time talking about his early inspirations that led him to journalism, experiences working for the Associated Press, traveling the world, and his time spent embedded with troops in Iraq. Enjoy.

Follow Burt on Twitter at @BurtHerman.

Learn more about Storify at storify.com.

And you can learn more about Hacks/Hackers at hackshackers.com.

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