I’ve been avoiding the clips of Age of Ultron over the past few weeks. I’m going to see that movie, so I’d rather experience as much as possible for the first time on the big screen. This shielding effort will likely become more and more difficult as Tumblr gets ahold of new assets to share.

But, let’s talk about some other movies – because yay!

If “we’re home” didn’t put a smile on your face, check your pulse.

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On Crowns and Emulation

Halo. There I said it. Whether you align yourself with the Sony Defense Force or swear allegiance to the X-Bots, you know that Halo is a big deal in the gaming industry. Millions upon millions of games have already been sold to consumers around the world. Master Chief is a video game icon. So rare is the game that can promote its central figure to mascot status, but Halo did it. It has gotten to the point that anything with Halo in the title is guaranteed to have a noteworthy return on investment. But as the Halo universe continues to expand in to other games, literature and other media there is a little piece of me that wonders if it is too much. Is Halo running the risk of over expansion to the point of devaluing its prominence in the industry? Continue reading