You’re My Boy, Blue

Another week, another Just Talking is ready for you. I went back to the existing podcaster bullpen I have stashed away to get some input on what it takes to start a podcast and ultimately build a community. This topic seems to always have fresh perspectives available for your listening pleasure. Of course there was more to get to than just podcasting, but you’ll have to listen to get the full experience.

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On Homes and Improvement

I know I’ve set this standard of gaming posts every Friday, but the real world has officially caught up with me. I will do my best to put out some unique content each week, but with my condo taking such a high priority I can’t put as much pressure on myself as I normally do. As soon as I get back into a rhythm I’ll be back with more ramblings of a madman. I hope you understand.

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Tool Time – Work in Progress

I mentioned my successful trip to IKEA yesterday. There is a clarifying statement to that success though, I still do not have a tangible solution to the ridiculous count of disc-based media I own yet. I still have a vision of what I would like to happen, but evaluating the realistic options that are within my physical ability and more importantly, my budget, have slowed down progress on that front. Overall I’m not worried, I know I’ll figure something out but being the media snob that I am that item is pretty high on the “nice to have” checklist. But what about the “need to have” checklist?

On Prices and Pirates

Believe it or not, there is more going on right now than the Halo: Reach Beta. For those of you that are more WASD inclined, you might remember World of Goo’s “Pay What You Want” experiment last October where gamers, easily enough, paid whatever they chose for this award winning title. Consumers paid anywhere from $.01 to $50 for the game, while the average price paid for the game rested around $2.03. Sure, financially the sale might not have been very lucrative, but as a social experiment the data collected is invaluable. With all of this talk of piracy, DRM, torrents and NPD numbers, how are publishers supposed to approach us as consumers? Is there a way to please consumers while simultaneously protecting intellectual property? As far as I can tell Radiohead and World of Goo are the only notable “pay what you want” promotions worth mentioning. We need more examples of consumer trends before sincere conclusions can begin to be formed about consumer tendencies. Lucky for you, my eager-reader, I have found another example of a successful implementation of this strategy. I present to you, Exhibit B: The Humble Indie Bundle.

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Tool Time – Laundry and Measurements

Please don’t expect this to be some kind of reservoir of knowledge when it comes to home improvements. Don’t expect me to Turn Right at Lake Michigan. Don’t expect any extreme makeovers with a giant van in front of my place. Honestly, this is just a way for me to try to chart and measure progress with my new home. I wont be posting about every single square inch of this place, but when there is significant progress made then you better believe there will be pictures to follow. As it stands, the official move-in date is June 1. I have a lot of things on my checklist that I would like to get done before then, we’ll see if I get to the bottom of my list by the time Memorial Weekend is upon us.
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Greater Good

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about Roche’s Social Media Summit with any official capacity on my blog. It’s not that I’m avoiding the topic or anything, more that I wasn’t really sure what to think of the whole situation. Yes, I have received an invitation to attend in June. For reasons that I cannot elaborate upon, I have not officially RSVP’d yet. I’m hoping to go, but if I can’t go I know that the other bloggers will be just fine without me.

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On Dual Screens and Diabetes

If you are familiar with who I am, then you know how integral Diabetes is in my life. Having lived with this disease for almost 8 years; it has played a significant role in shaping the person that I am today. If you are reading this specific post, then you likely know how integral video games are in my life. If you go back every Friday since the beginning of this blog’s existence you will find ramblings about some video game topic of my choosing. So rare is the opportunity for these to pieces of my life to merge into a single entity, or even a single post. But today, my eager-reader, is your lucky day. Bayer has just released its Didget Blood Glucose Monitoring System to the public and I’m not sure which part of me is more excited: the gamer part or the pancreatically challenged part.

Great news ahead, assuming you haven’t upgraded to a DSi yet.

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