About Medicine X – Sonny Vu

Sara and I talked about Sonny Vu’s statements on the latest episode of my podcast. Rather than recommend you listen to the full podcast (even though you should, it was a great recap), I’ve pulled out the important part for the sake of this post.

I want to reiterate one of the closing remarks I made about this whole topic: Medicine X was the perfect setting to have this happen.

Medicine X is all about bringing pieces of the healthcare conversation together in an accessible environment. Under different circumstances, I would likely be too intimidated to talk to big time Silicon Valley folks, internationally known doctors and researchers, and people who have spent more time thinking about health care than I’ve been alive. Medicine X removes that barrier.

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About Misfit Wearables

Sonny Vu, co-founder and CEO of Misfit Wearables is on the podcast this week talking about his work with AgaMatrix and the development of the iBGStar, the future of mHealth and his latest venture with Misfit Wearables: the Shine. We cover the creative inspirations behind the Shine, its success on Indiegogo, and we discuss some broader principles for designing wearable technology. Enjoy.

Follow Sonny on Twitter at @SonnyVu.

You can learn more about Misfit Wearables and the Shine at misfitwearables.com.

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