Not Alone

Over the past few days I’ve had multiple, unique conversations about the impact of social media and shared interests that all came back to the same point: I am not alone. Many people go about their business living their life in an isolated bubble, thinking that they are unique snowflakes with their own story to tell. But the truth is we don’t live in bubbles independent of our peers. Our lives are impacted and influenced by the people we meet and the stories we share. It’s through these shared experiences that we learn the truth – that we are not alone.

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A Scarlet Letter

I suppose I’ve reached the age where all of my friends are starting to solidify their lives. Former roommates are enrolled in various graduate programs to become Doctors or something just as impressive, the glory days of 4am binge sessions are a true memory and one rarely repeated again, and relationships become more clearly defined. Be it serious girlfriends, becoming engaged or even taking vows and all that jazz, life starts to get real. I’m not sure if it is like this for your circle of life, my eager-reader, but it feels like reality has been hitting hard and fast at me lately. Continue reading