Abby the Person

One step closer to One Hundred, Episode 74 of Just Talking has arrived.’s Editorial Assistant Abby Bayer joins me for the latest entry into to archives. Our time is spent talking about her work on Sixuntilme, her experiences at Diabetes Camp, and the time and energy required to become a Registered Nurse. Side conversations include the extreme pain felt when you break a bone in your body, why Lucky Charms is the best cereal and the New York Yankees. Enjoy.

You can find Abby, her words, and her feline doppleganger at

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SUMthing Like Voltron

I might have mentioned it once or twice within the space of this blog, but Kerri is the reason I started my blog. Ok, maybe not reason, but one of the primary driving forces behind actually putting my thoughts down on keyboard. I’m sure many bloggers can be connected to Kerri though a six degrees of separation kind of thing. Yes, I know..another 6 reference. That’s her fault. My point is that I wouldn’t be here had I not found her blog. As a result, everything that has happened since I started my blog: writing for TAG, co-host of Post Game Report, starting my own podcast can be tied back to her. It’s not nearly as dramatic as it sounds, but speaking in hyperbole works for the prospect of this opening.

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Is This Thing Recording?

So my Dad has been on a golf trip for the past few days. Not sure who had the bright idea to schedule a golf trip during my birthday (how dare they), but he’s been doing this for years and I’m supposed to be a grown ass man right? No big deal. Of course when I know I have at least 2 presents waiting for me to open but I have to wait for him to get back from playing shank-a-potumus on some swanky golf courses…that sucks a bit. Obviously I’m joking, well not about the shank-a-potumus part but it’s not that big of a deal. Thanks again for all the birthday messages. As I tweeted at one point, moments like that are a perfect example of why the Internet is a fantastic place. Of course I was also blessed with 4 more porn/spam followers for my birthday. Clearly there needed to be some balance restored to The Force. Continue reading

Public Service Announcement

You’ve heard people whispering about it. Speculation is exponentially increasing on a daily basis. Nearly everyone is a suspect these days of using. We’re all guilty until proven innocent, and even then once you’re accused you can never truly remove the label once you’re associated. If you haven’t tried it, you know someone that has. If you have tried it, you know how quickly it overcomes you. Once you are hooked, there is almost no turning back. Of course, I’m talking about Kerroids. Continue reading