Last week was about Simonpalooza. This week is about Simon. If you’ve been following me, this podcast, or my blog then you’re well aware of the Australian “rockstar” touring the United States a few weeks ago. The hour is spent discussion Australian culture (both actual and perceived), Simon’s diagnosis, the ups and downs of his life with diabetes and the impact the diabetes community has had on his life. Don’t mind the ocean sounds in the background, one of us was podcasting from the beach 😉 Enjoy.

You can follow Simon on Twitter at @STroyCrow and tell him Chris sent you.

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I’m With The Band

A few weeks ago (from this podcast’s publishing date) was a little event called ‘Simonpalooza.’ On the surface, it might seem odd that a bunch of ‘strangers’ would want to meet up in Kansas City to celebrate the arrival of a gentleman, also living with diabetes, from Austrailia. There were themed shirts, cupcakes, tears of joy and an all around good times. The unofficial hub of this gathering was at the house of my guest for Episode 105, diabetes blogger Jess ( Naturally most of the podcast focused on the events of Simonpalooza but we also cover Friends For Life, the rewards of teaching and the drought of professional sports in the Kansas City Area. Enjoy.

You can follow Jess on Twitter at @jessmeandd.

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