No D-Day: For Real


Today is No D-Day. The idea is that we (people with diabetes) focus so much of our attention and our lives on d*&%$#(+ that a friendly reminder that there’s more going on worth talking (or in this case blogging) about. Ironically a noticeable percentage of the stuff I post here follows that theme but it’s nice when the collective blogging community unites behind a singular purpose for a day. So rather than write about how my pancreas got sick, you get this picture as a representation of my getting “real people” sick. You know, sniffles, tissues, vitamin c, more tissues, red noses sans reindeer. It’s about as awesome as you think it is. On the plus side, if there is such a thing given my situation, these tissues feel like high quality bed sheets. What is wrong with me?

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My creative energy is at a minimum this week. I think I’m getting better, but my sniffles are never content being just sniffles. And they like to linger. I picked up a box of tissues that claimed to kill 99% of germs and viruses. There was fine print involved but the promise of virus eradication didn’t sell the product to me. I needed something soft for my nose and I don’t trust generic tissues. Same thing goes for toilet paper – I have no problem paying an extra dollar or 2 considering the what and where. But the fact that tissues now need a tag-team partner in retail tickled my curiosity bone. What is it with X WITH Y products?

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Sick Day

I’m very stubborn about my health. I wouldn’t recommend being stubborn about Diabetes though, not a good idea. I still remember the weekend my parents came down to see me before my diagnosis and questioning my health/appearance. “No, it’s just stress. I’m fine.” Slowly, maybe even surely, I’m more willing to accept reality when it comes to something as simple as a case of the sniffles. I’m not sure what caused it, but I’m now drinking significantly more water than normal, I’m becoming really friendly with Day/NyQuil, and my blood glucose numbers are through the roof.

I’m sick.

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