Taking a Stand

Last Friday I had a frustrating revelation. Commuting for close to three hours plus sitting at my desk for at least eight hours means at least eleven hours sitting still during the work day. Sure, I walk across the street to get lunch sometimes but for the most part I’m stationary. I hate it. So I decided to take a stand. Literally.

I stood up at my desk for the last few hours of that day and came in to work at the beginning of the week determined to give this thing a try. A full week later I can safely report that Chuck Taylor’s are not very comfortable.

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SugarFree Spotlight: Lizzy D.

Lizzy and I were roommates for my final year at Virginia Tech. I was quite fortunate to find a roommate on such short notice. Naturally my parents had some initial apprehension about me living with a girl, but I figured the only major difference from living with a bunch of guys is that I would be slightly more courteous about sharing the bathroom. Turns out or only major issue while living together for a year was how many episodes of CSI were we going to watch in a single sitting. She even managed to get me to watch a combined 3 episodes of Sex and the City. Spoiler Alert: The girl gets the guy in the end. As usual, the content is her own and posted with her permission. Continue reading