(It’s Not) Spring Cleaning

I know it’s still winter, even if the DC area has received a collective total of 2 inches of snow since December 1, but i figure it’s safe to do a little spring cleaning – online at least. Mostly this means clearing out the clutter of my Google Reader. I’ve been absolutely horrible about keeping up with sites and feeds that I find genuinely intresting and I think that has made me less interesting as a result.

If I don’t have anything meaningful to share from my perspective, I figure I could at least be better about sharing meaningful moments from someone else’s perspective.

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Every Thing On It


This is a book composed of “never-before-published poems and drawings” from Shel Silverstein. It will go well with the collection of Silverstein, Seuss, Calvin and Hobbes, Toot and Puddle and more thanks to Dayle’s awesome collection. Sometimes life is best expressed in the occasional carefully crafted rhyme. I’ve never been known for my rhyming skills so please do not expect anything past a limerick or “roses are red” from me. I suppose it’s special enough that I come back here each day to share another piece of my life with you all, right?

Here’s a quick one from the book though.

Here I go down circle road
Strong and hopeful hearted
Through the dust and wind up just
Exactly where I started

Have a great weekend.

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