Sleeping In

Sleeping in is an incredible feeling. Some weekends I’ll wake up around an “appropriate” time and get all kinds of tasks done. Other times I turn off as many electronic devices as I can and hide under my pillows for as long as possible. After this past weekend, it would appear that sleeping in will officially become an endangered resource, thanks to the kittens. We’ve given them full access to the condo, and this includes our bed. Most of the time they just play under the frame but every now and then I’ll feel little paws on my feet. Sometimes this meant ‘I want to play’, other times it meant ‘I’m hungry’, and there were even a few ‘I want to cuddle’ moments over the weekend. From this I can reach two (2) conclusions:

  1. I don’t speak cat.
  2. Our kittens are awesome.

Here are some other notes from the three day weekend.
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