About Registered Nurses

Coinciding with my marathoning through Scrubs on Netflix, Ashley Rose joins me this week. We discuss her journey to becoming a Registered Nurse, the compressed education track she took to get this far, the complexity of working within the current healthcare system, and the reality of working with patients that can find you on Facebook. We also discuss her diabetes diagnosis and we judge the accuracy of various medical shows past and present. Enjoy.

You can find Ashley on Twitter at @dream4muse and on her blog at talesofswaging.blogspot.com.

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Turk Has Diabetes

Dayle introduced me to “Scrubs” a few weeks ago and we’ve been going through the show at a pretty decent clip ever since – thanks Netflix.

We just reach the point in season 4 when Turk was diagnosed with diabetes. I’m not sure if “comforting” is the right word, but I thought it was cool that I put the pieces of the puzzle together before the characters on the show reached the same conclusion. Ever since his diagnosis the show has mentioned his diabetes a few times, with the occasional joke or b-plot line. While they don’t always avoid the classic stereotypes (“Why is this guy getting his foot amputated?” “He has diabetes”), there have been some spot-on moments dealing with the emotional burden of living with this disease.

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