Award Winning

Diabetes blogger extraordinaire, Scott K. Johnson is back on the podcast this week. After spending some time catching up since his first podcast appearance over three years ago, we talk about his recent recognition and awards: the Friends for Life Award from Children With Diabetes, and the Athletic Achievement Award from Insulindependence. Scott shares the journeys that lead to each of those respective awards, life as a full-time blogger, and the excitement he gets out of working for MySugr. Enjoy.

You can follow Scott on Twitter at @scottkjohnson and

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When the Snow Hits the Fan

Timing is everything with this latest episode of Just Talking. Scott K. Johnson, diabetes blogger extraordinaire recently completed his Tour de Cure ride and with my own ride coming up I brought him on for a little pep talk. Along with some motivational words we spend a good amount of time talking about the value of the online community. Then we tangent off into a nationwide bus tour that involves cheesy tots and ice cream. Honestly, I don’t know how some of these topics came up but I had a lot of fun recording with Scott (and his sweet accent). To anyone out there that has had the chance to hang out with Scott in person, I am extremely jealous. Anywho, you should listen to this podcast.

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