Just Talking with Scott Benner

Scott Benner is my guest this week, along with my cat, his dog, my shaky internet connection, and his possessed phone. Despite the real world getting in the way, we talk at length about life after his book, putting Katie Couric on hold for NPR, his new podcast, and his perspective on connecting with parents of children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Enjoy.

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Arden’s Day

Scott Benner is on the podcast this week talking about his book, “Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal.” But before we cover the book we talk about his daughter’s diabetes diagnosis, his early blogging motivations, and his creative writing inspirations. We also talk about how he has learned from the diabetes community as a parent, and as a person. Finally we spend the last portion of the podcast discussing his book, and why it’s difficult to summarize in a simple elevator pitch. Enjoy.

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