An Ordinary Insulin Pump

This weekend it dawned on me how ordinary my insulin pump feels. I think I had built up the new visibility of my invisible illness so much that I imagined wearing this device would be the equivalent of a Presidential motorcade – it’d be hard to miss. But the truth is it’s just another thing to put in my pocket.

After my phone, Dexcom receiver, wallet, and whatever else I need in close proximity, my insulin pump isn’t that big of a deal.

Of course, I have the luxury of saying this because I’m a guy. It’s a bit of a challenge finding clothing that doesn’t include some kind of pocket. I see first-hand how managing an insulin pump as a woman presents its own unique challenges.

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I’m Hanz, and this is Franz…

As I mentioned in my origin story and some of the SugarFree Spotlight posts, part of my diabetes management involves exercise. Specifically weight training. Lots of it. I started lifting at the end of my senior year of High School, mainly as a way to get out of AP Spanish. Shortly after D-Day, I resumed lifting with a new passion. Over 6 years later, (not to brag too much) I’m a f*&#ing beast. Continue reading