About Harmonix Music Systems

This week Harmonix Music Systems’ Director of Communications and Brand Management, John Drake, is on the podcast. We cover John’s collegiate experience at Harvard as well as his role as “fun czar”. We also discuss his music background, including his record label, and why having your own record label is not fun around tax season. And we cover some highlights of working at Harmonix, from Rock Band, to Dance Central, and the upcoming Fantasia: Music Evolved. And I ask about the Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX, because I still can’t believe it’s a real thing. Enjoy.

Follow John on Twitter at @johntdrake, and keep up with the latest news about Fantasia: Music Evolved at facebook.com/fantasiagame.

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On Rock and Roll

This has been the most peculiar week of video game news voyeurism. It would seem that Mass Effect 2 has created a void in the industry with all gamers willing and able to hold their breath until they have the opportunity to take control of Commander Shepard. Last I checked the calendar said January, but don’t tell Electronic Arts or BioWare. The rest of the industry is treating this like a big-time holiday release, so I’ll let the higher-ups enjoy their champagne and caviar. In the mean time, nearly every news story is getting buried by Mass Effect goodies. In the wake of the latest, and last trailer released, I’m sure you didn’t notice the fact that the Rock Band Network has updated to an open beta. It’s an interesting story that speaks to a larger situation concerning the state of digital content on our consoles.

So please, hold off on boarding the Normandy for a little bit longer.

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