For those of you keeping score at home, I just released my fiftieth episode of my podcast, Just Talking, this week. Technically, if you include the pilot (Episode 0) the official publishing count is actually 51, but that’s a minor technicality that I hope you can get past. This project started when I secured the WordPress account and domain registration on September 30, 2009 and the pilot on October 13, 2009. I think now is an appropriate time to take a look back at the journey that has defined this so-called “experiment”.

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Gathering TWiGs – January

Twenty-Ten. Two Thousand Ten. It doesn’t matter how you say it as long as you remember it’s 2010 and not 2009 on those checks you have to write up. This year the beginning of 2010 is marked by significant game releases through many of the opening weeks of the year. Fortunately for me, that also means there were plenty of topics to consider for each of my gaming posts. Let’s have a look at my selection.

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Blast From the Past

I spent part of Saturday cleaning up my room. I know I have this persona that everything is uber neat and tidy, well….even I have lapses in order. By the end of the session, there was significantly more floor visible than when I had started. Victory! In cleaning out some junk from my closet, I found a box of random goodies that warranted further investigation. Among the fun, my first glucose meter.

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Looking Forward to Looking Back (2009)

I had grand plans of an epic year-ending link-fest highlighting specific posts (that you may or may not read) but I kinda ran out of time and energy. My bad. While I still want to highlight some of the goodies, I’m going with the “less is more” approach. Conveniently I’m also with the “if it’s good for the goose” approach in swooping this particular method of summarizing from Kerri. Don’t tell BSparl. With each link to a particularly awesome piece of text from each month I’ve included the first line from each post. Let’s see how clever I was.

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On Thanks and Giving

Depending on where and when you read this, Thanksgiving just passed and you are likely recovering from a tryptophan overdose. Additionally, you might be recovering from staying up all night in anticipation for a Black Friday deal that was too good to pass up. Or, you just took the day off and enjoyed time with your family. Then again, it could just be another day in November. Ultimately this means that I am a bit torn in my direction for this week’s post. With the end of the fall rush of video game releases, there is virtually nothing of interest as far as intriguing news stories goes. However I have a self-imposed obligation to deliver on a weekly basis, so something must be done. This means that this week, instead of an “editorial” of sorts, I think a bit of reflection is in order. Tis the season, right?

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On Fantasy and Fallacy

Did anyone notice the calendar this past Wednesday? 9/9/09. Creepy right? It’s not often you get a numerical win like that with your calendar. Then again, you can’t mention September 9th to a particular subset of gamers without them swooning over the SEGA Dreamcast. Ah yes, “It’s Thinking,” right? It’s probably thinking about why there are still so many people are obsessed with a system with a shelf life shorter than two years. I understand that nostalgia can have a strong emotional pull ten years down the road. And judging by the numbers, a lot of you purchased and enjoyed what SEGA had to offer. But that was a lifetime ago. Simply put, I don’t get it. So I’m going to put myself out there and ask for your help on this one. I ask this out of equal parts curiosity and ignorance: was the Dreamcast really that great? Continue reading