You Should Listen To Susannah Fox Speak

This is last week’s Engage and Empower Me class, part of Stanford’s MedX Live. Susannah Fox is good people. When she speaks, you should listen.

Her notes can be found on her on blog – – if you’re curious.

It’s also worth noting that Susannah was on an episode of my podcast two years ago.

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Researching Lemmings

I am obsessed with the stat tracking on my blog. It’s a problem. I still believe that impact of my posts is measured by comments on posts and not specifically page hits but I enjoy watching the daily trends of my posts depending on the nature of the content. My specific obsession is with the “Referrer” stat. Seeing where people are coming from to my blog helps me keep an eye on where my stuff is being linked from. Since I have been registered with Diabetes Daily my referrers have become more varied but I still get the occasional oddball. Continue reading