A Real Vacation

First, there’s a new video over at the You Can Do This Project showing the journey from “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we were at a conference” to “holy amazeballs, we did it!” Go check it out.

Now where was I? The most important part of Friends For Life, for me and Dayle, was the fact that this was our first for-realsies vacation in a long time. Dayle had been super busy traveling the world over the past four months and was well deserving of a break. And I know we were both excited to sleep in on a weekday instead of our usual 5:30 a.m. wake up.

So who wants a photo montage? (Click a picture for the super-size montage. And here are the rest of the pictures I took in Florida.)


As Dayle and I continue this chapter of our lives together in the same home there are certainly our fair share of adjustments that have to be made or lessons learned. Don’t move the hairdryer (I learned that one sharing a bathroom with my sister for 10 years). That spot, right there on her foot tickles so be cautious when giving a foot massage. There’s no such thing as “too much broccoli.” She gets to adjust to my many character flaws – like my owning all of the Saw movies. There’s plenty to learn and re-learn, especially with diabetes.

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Without Wax

So I know I’ve written a few posts that have portrayed me as a cranky old man without a meaningful relationship to his name. I think that side of me is a defensive mechanism expressed to hide both my fears and jealousy. That being said, I haven’t been entirely honest will you all as far as my current situation is concerned. Yes I am still single but that doesn’t mean I’m not in engaged in a “pursuit” of sorts. After all, why would I go into so many lengthy rants about everyone else’s relationships unless I genuinely thought I could have one of my own. Continue reading