You’re a Tube

The past few days have been quite hectic and while I can report that Dayle and I are slowly finding a gym routine and I can diabetes-related benefits are being collected almost instantaneously (I now curse my awesome CGM line with this post), there isn’t much new to report on the diabetes front – yet. There are rumblings of creativity waiting for their turn to shine, but that day is not today and chances are it won’t be tomorrow either. Honestly, Thursday isn’t looking too bright either. So how about a few YouTube videos that caught my eye over the past day or so? Hopefully George won’t mind me stealing his schtick.

This one came to me from a co-worker, because apparently Corgi’s can brighten any day. You can be the judge:

And this one, because I thought Holly was dressed like a Super Hero in her Twitter profile picture.

Finally, also from “The Incredibles” is one of my favorite scenes (the other being when Dash first runs on water)

The moral of the story? If you haven’t seen “The Inredibles”, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s on Blu-ray, right?

Everywhere Else

In case the sidebar wasn’t enough of an indication, I spend my time in more than one social network. Whether I am stretching myself thin is certainly subject to debate but I think I’m doing a fair job of carving out distinct forms and functions for each of the platforms. With that introduction (and an hour and a half before my self imposed deadline for posting each day), here are a few posts I’ve published across the world wide web.

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Mega Bytes

It’s late on a Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. It is with that spirit of “I don’t wanna” that I’m crowd-sourcing for this blog post. I’m not sure if anything will come of it but I teased this idea on Twitter and the initial responses were quite funny.

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As people begin to swarm to Google+, I’m noticing a lot of “now what?” once profiles are initially set up. I got an invite a week or so before the flood gates opened – lucky me I suppose. Honestly I’m not sure if this will replace Facebook for me, mostly because Facebook isn’t worth as much to my digital life as it once did. I remember when Facebook first opened up to Virginia Tech, now my only contributions to Zuckerberg’s conglomerate are links to my podcast every Tuesday night.

Google+ might be the second-coming, but right now it’s just a place for me to keep up with people that post interesting content in a longer form that Twitter allows. Maybe one day I’ll start taking and sharing pictures of my day-to-day shenaniganry, maybe I’ll become more of a thought leader or conversation starter than my followings currently deserve. As it stands, I’m just a guy with a blog and a podcast that’s probably stretched his digital self a bit too thin. But there’s a link on the sidebar if you want to see what’s up with me over in Google’s Social Slice of the World along with all of my other adventures.

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