Tipping Point

One of the first things I did when I set up this blog was ensure I had a blog-specific email address for the rare occasion that someone wanted to reach out to me. I figured it would be better to have it and not get contacted by anyone rather than miss an opportunity to connect with my readers. Naturally this means another email account to manage, including spam and all of the fun things Nigerian Princes can offer me. But, this also means I have to endure the shenanigans that occur every November as my email address gets lumped in with the generic ‘diabetes’ mailing lists.

With respect to these generic diabetes mailing lists, it’s clear that the PR folks responsible have a tough task ahead of them. How effective can a mass email be when the only possible personalization is the introduction, “Hello [Recipient First Name]”? In case you were unsure, the answer is ‘not very effective at all’.

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You Must Be New Here

I get a lot of random email pitches to cover this or letting me know I may be interested in that. I’m not sure how I got on some of these mailing lists but I suppose that’s a sign of “making it”. Whatever “it” actually is.

Most of the time the first two sentences are enough to tell me if this email is worth my time. Things like ‘Hello Blog Author’ are not the way to my heart. A lot of these emails are loosely related to diabetes – which makes sense. But then I get things like this.
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Wild Pitch

For better or worse, my online identity, or at least this blog has generated enough “buzz” to earn the attention of communications professionals looking to spread awareness of their product, good or service. It’s note exactly a goal of mine to get pitched random stuff from time to time but I don’t want to completely discount all of these emails. After all, a PR pitch was how I managed to get Chuck Eichten on my podcast. But not every pitch is a well-crafted piece of literature. Some lose me at the subject of the email, with the opening or just generally don’t match with my interests. I can’t fault that last category, the only way to find out if a pitch will work is to send it out. It may not connect with everyone, but it may connect with someone. I suppose that’s the risk of PR. At any rate, this blog post is dedicated to the pitches that missed the mark.

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