Christmas Starts Early

When you’re about to embark on a 3-state tour for the holidays.

Dayle is rejoining the Verizon network on our new family plan.

And I’m going to be reading a lot more. A. Lot.

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Reading is fundamental. #christmas

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A Gift From #Diabetes

Diabetes and I have a unique relationship. It moved in unexpectedly, refuses to leave, and does not do dishes or pay rent. As fun as it is to think that my body is so hardcore it decided to stage a mutiny aboard the U.S.S Spartacus, everyone knows that Diabetes is hardly the fun that my sarcasm tries to make it out to be. Diabetes is always around, even if the casual observer can never tell. Diabetes does not compromise. Diabetes will not relent. Diabetes is teh suckorz. But, there have been a few non-suckorz that I have gained from Diabetes. Because even that crappy roommate can still remember your birthday, or at least Christmas… Continue reading