Catharsis Through Honesty

I don’t know why, but I found myself thinking about a post I read on Kerri’s blog a while back that opened up the idea of anonymously sharing diabetes secrets. I don’t know how many comments Kerri normally gets, but this post had nearly 120 anonymous comments – nearly 120 anonymous people sharing intimate diabetes secrets. As powerful as rereading all of those comments was, I think there’s potential for something more evergreen to support this notion of secret sharing.

Whenever I talk about the importance of the diabetes community I tend to default back to this idea of the power of “me too”. Realizing that I’m not the only person dealing with these emotions eases the burden of mentally managing diabetes. There’s a strange comfort knowing that the simple act of sharing a picture of my Dexcom receiver with all its imperfections might offer some solace to another person with diabetes riding a similar glucoaster.

To that end, I’ve created a platform that aims to continue what Kerri started with her blog post almost three years ago –

Yes, another tumblr blog.

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It’s a Secret

I’ve met some pretty interesting people on the Internet since I started this whole blog/twitter thing. To be as cliche as possible, it has been an eye-opening experience. But it’s not us the people that have been interesting, but being exposed to the interests they choose to share to the world. It’s like trying a new food, but with a keyboard and a monitor. it’s a stretch, but I think you know where I was trying to go with that one. Continue reading