Just Talking with Jay Van Beveren

Jay Van Beveren, Community Marketing Manager at PopCap Games, returns to the podcast this week. After discussing life in Seattle, we spend the majority of the conversation discussing his role at PopCap and his love of Bejeweled Blitz. I learn about the dedication and passion of the Bejeweled community, along with the culture inside of PopCap Games. It sounds like a magical place. We also discuss X-Men: Days of Future Past at the end of the recording – spoilers ahead on that one. Enjoy!

You can follow Jay on Twitter @skittlesdfw, hear him on Remember When at filmtangent.com, and keep up with Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

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PopCap Games

Jeff Green has had a lengthy career in the video game industry. Now he’s the Director of Editorial and Social Media for PopCap Games – very impressive stuff. We talk about his work at PopCap, his nearly 20 years at Ziff Davis Media (from associate editor to Editor in Chief) and the continued popularity of GFW Radio, and we sprinkle in a lot of conversation about social media including the implict value of social media to mutli-million dollar companies and what it’s like when your phone explodes with messages after a company like EA buys a company like PopCap. Enjoy.

Follow Jeff on Twitter at @Greenspeak and be sure to check out the PopCast on iTunes.

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