Just Talking with Ben Kuchera

Ben Kuchera, Polygon’s Opinions Editor, is my guest this week. We discuss Ben’s family including the balance of work and five children, as well as finding a new appreciation for video games through his children’s experiences. We also cover his time at Penny Arcade and the expansion of his writing to topics beyond video games. Finally we cover Ben’s transition to Polygon and what we can expect in 2014. Enjoy!

Follow Ben on Twitter @BenKuchera and his work at polygon.com.

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My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Justin McElroy, Managing Editor at Polygon and co-host of My Brother, My Brother, and Me is my guest this week. We cover Justin’s journalism background and discuss his 15 years of freelance work for various video game sites and publications. Justin also talks about his time at Joystiq, his role at Polygon, the benefits of working with remote staff, and the Skyrim “controversy” from a few years ago. We also cover his podcast, “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” and why recording that podcast has strengthened his relationship with his family. Enjoy.

You can keep up with Justin on Twitter at @JustinMcElroy and polygon.com.

And be sure to check out My Brother, My Brother, and Me at mbmbam.com.

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About Polygon

Russ Pitts, Features Editor for Polygon is on the podcast this week. We talk the path that led him to writing about video games professionally, including his run as Editor in Chief at The Escapist. Naturally we talk about the origins of Polygon including the pressure of launching a new website, the double-edged sword of creative collaboration, reaction to their “Press Reset” documentary, and the constantly evolving technology that powers polygon.com.

Finally, and most importantly, we talk about the Take This Project, its mission, and the importance of community when it comes to mental health. Enjoy.

Follow Russ on Twitter at @RussPitts and keep up with the latest from the Polygon staff at polygon.com.

And for more information about the Take This Project, go to takethisproject.com.

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