Lightning in a Bottle

A few episodes ago I was joined with (at the time) EA Sports Senior Community Manager Will Kinsler. Since that episode was published Will moved on to Epic Games (Congratulations!) and I was contacted by one of Will’s partners from his days at, Fred Villarruel. Naturally after exchanging emails with Fred I knew I had to get him on my podcast. Which brings me to Episode 77.

Fred and I spend the bulk of this podcast discussing various aspects of the development and growth of Madden Nation. The difficulties in dealing with the early success, the relationship that developed with EA Sports, and the closing years of Fred’s involvement with the site. It’s a fascinating story.

There’s also talk of Chicago sports. Between Devin Hester, Scottie Pippen, the Blackhawks Stanley Cup run, we cover it all. Enjoy.

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Abby the Person

One step closer to One Hundred, Episode 74 of Just Talking has arrived.’s Editorial Assistant Abby Bayer joins me for the latest entry into to archives. Our time is spent talking about her work on Sixuntilme, her experiences at Diabetes Camp, and the time and energy required to become a Registered Nurse. Side conversations include the extreme pain felt when you break a bone in your body, why Lucky Charms is the best cereal and the New York Yankees. Enjoy.

You can find Abby, her words, and her feline doppleganger at

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About Dexcom

I’m happy to report I received my first “no comment” in the history of Just Talking in Episode 73! I suppose that’s burying the lead, so let’s not get too distracted. My guest this week is Eli Reihman from DexCom, Inc. Those of you that frequent my personal blog know that DexCom plays a vital role in my diabetes management and it was a real honor to have someone from this company on my podcast. We spend the bulk of the show diabetes-heavy, talking about the DexCom system, Eli’s impressions of the device (as a person without diabetes), the future of continuous glucose monitors and how vital the diabetes community is to this company. There’s also talk of scuba diving, face-planting on a bike, and returning to work after receiving ten stitches. Enjoy.

If you have any questions about the DexCom Seven Plus Continuous Glucose Monitoring system, you can contact Eli at

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Diabetic Living

I hope you’re ready to geek out over magazines because Episode 72 of Just Talking is more than ready for guest Kelly Rawlings and all her geekery. Her work at Diabetic Living Magazine is discussed along with her experiences as a person with diabetes raising a teenager. Her perspective on the International Sensation ‘Blunt Lancet’ is also part of our talk. Finally, we talk about a chicken that laid an egg with a diameter of six inches. Trust me, this is one conversation you do not want to miss. Enjoy.

You can follow Kelly on Twitter @kellyrawlings.

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Sodapop Journal

It turns out that I have a lot in common with my guest on Episode 71, Robert Cortez. We are both big fans of Halo, his involvement with Podtacular can testify to that. We are both big fans of podcasts, especially since we each have our own to manage. And we consume a high volume of entertainment news. Robert, however, also produces entertainment news with his group of friends at Sodapop Journal. Along with podcasting, and his website, we spend a good portion of this episode talking about the troubles print media is facing with the digital age. You’re in for a fantastic conversation. Enjoy.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @robertcortez.

Be sure to check out Sodapop Journal and follow their twitter account at @SodapopJournal.

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About Motorhead

In an exclusive behind the scenes opportunity with Blunt Lancet roadie Jeff Mather, I bring you Episode 70 of the Just Talking podcast. Jeff opens up about his blog, his diabetes, his love of photography, and his hatred (not really) of certain cupcake shops. There’s also talk about Motorhead, software development, and of course, the international phenomenon that is Blunt Lancet. Enjoy.

If you want to learn more about Blunt Lancet’s escapades, check out their VH1 “Behind the Music” episode here, and the Rolling Stone interview here.

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A Humbling Experience

Sometimes planning a podcast doesn’t go as expected and I have to scramble for a guest. Luckily I’ve met some pretty awesome people in my short podcasting life that will respond to my SOS if needed. One such person is Video Game Freelancer Raychul Moore, my guest this week. This episode of Just Talking is filled with talk about video game collections, action figure collections, cosplay, what defines a humbling experience in the gaming industry (and in life) and embracing your sexuality. We also answer the classic hypothetical question of what item or items do you grab first if your home is on fire, because that’s normal conversation for a podcast. All these topics and more await you in Episode 69. Enjoy.

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