On Moving and Shaking

As I type, the Game Developer’s Conference is going on in San Francisco, California. Part of me wishes GDC would go back to being for and about game developers instead of the hybrid trade show it has become while E3 is trying to regain its former self. Now publishers are seeing another opportunity to build anticipation for upcoming products and keynote speeches are turning into sales pitches. Of course, despite my qualms there are a few noteworthy news items to come from this years gathering of gaming intellectuals. Most prominently, PlayStation Move. The much anticipated motion controller from Sony’s neck of the woods is real, it has a name that isn’t too awkward, and most importantly it shows tremendous potential. My general apathy in the direction of Nintendo has been documented and while I’m not about to jump on the bandwagon of the Move, I do see a lot of opportunity for this to be a successful venture for Sony and its affiliates.

Let’s get a Move on, shall we?

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