Excessive Documentation

Scrolling through the photos on my phone I notice a particular theme within the archives – one that many a person with diabetes, specifically Dexcom users are aware of. An unhealthy amount of these photos are of a 24-hour graph. I suppose this could be a hint that I need to get out more. Or that I obsess over this device. For the sake of this post, let’s assume it’s Door #2.

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Everywhere Else

In case the sidebar wasn’t enough of an indication, I spend my time in more than one social network. Whether I am stretching myself thin is certainly subject to debate but I think I’m doing a fair job of carving out distinct forms and functions for each of the platforms. With that introduction (and an hour and a half before my self imposed deadline for posting each day), here are a few posts I’ve published across the world wide web.

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I Spy


Pictures are worth a thousand words. If carefully crafted, they can tell quite a story about the person who took said pictures. I spy: too much Diet Coke for a 2-hour period, a peanut jar, a power strip to keep my Dexcom and Droid charged without crawling under my desk, previously mentioned Dexcom, an iPod Touch (4G) and one of 3 pair of ear buds I keep near me at all times.

Oh, and my silly Lantus pen.

How much stuff can you logically fit into a single photo?

Have a nice weekend.

WordPress…just one more thing Droid Does.

Interesting Angles

I admit, today’s post is filler. It’s not that I’m not motivated to write anything, or that I don’t have anything to write about. Believe me, I have both. But I didn’t have the time to clear my head and focus on one particular post-worthy thought. So…I’m stalling. While I sit here and figure out how else I can say ‘I got nothin’ I’m looking at March and realizing that there will be lots of madness for me, even without that basketball tournament. I have a very important meeting with Not House to start the month of that might determine if I will be spending part of the spring looking for a new endocrinologist. There’s a weekend for cupcakes. Another for dodgeball. I’m going to Boston for 4 days. And I have a noteworthy wishlist of guests for my podcast I need to finalize.

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Presenting Stephen and Laura Dillon

So it’s been two days, and Stephen is still married. It’s weird. Very weird. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome. Totally awesome, but it’s still weird. He is the first of our “crew” to get married. Sure, he’s not the first one out of our high school class to get married or have kids, but it’s something special when one of your close friends takes the next step into something special. The fact that I had a front row seat made it even better. Continue reading