I think it’s official. Sunglasses or no sunglasses, the raised eyebrow is my “selfie” protocol.

But please, don’t ever let me say the word “selfie” out loud. You have my permission to hit me if I ever use that word with any sincerity.

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A Proper Eye For Things

It feels like I’ve been sharing a lot of “I ought to-do’s” on the blog lately rather than actually take action, so here’s one more: I want to be a better photographer.

I don’t want to be a professional. I don’t want a transformer of a DSLR slung over my shoulder. I don’t want to watermark everything from here to Valhalla. But I want to get a better appreciation for this camera beyond the bird feeder and my cats, even if they are adorable.

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Telephoto Lens

The best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry. Sometimes a scheduled podcast does not go as expected and I have to make a call to my “bullpen” of guests – in case of emergency. This week Terrence Chambers spends a few minutes talking about his most anticipated games of the Fall 2012 season, what made NFL 2K5 the eternal classic that it is, his adventures in amateur photography, and life in Texas. Spoiler alert – it’s really hot down there. Enjoy.

Follow Terrence on Twitter at @terrence_718 and keep up with photographic pursuits at

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Diabetes Blog Week 2012 – Saturday Snapshots

“Back for the third year, let’s show everyone what life with diabetes looks like! With a nod to the Diabetes 365 project, let’s grab our cameras again and share some more d-related pictures. Post as many or as few as you’d like. Feel free to blog your thoughts on or explanations of your pictures, or leave out the written words and let the pictures speak for themselves.”

It’s wildly apparent that those in the diabetes community have a shared tendency to post pictures of our Dexcom receiver. It’s the most efficient way to detail how a day is going, or has been. I do what I can to spice up my Dexcom pictures by adding things to the background. Sometimes it works, other times I’m too creative for my own good. The point is that sharing these images strengthens the community. Sharing the highs and lows empowers others to be open and honest about their diabetes and while I’m no medical professional, I’m certain the effects of experiencing and participating in this openness has a positive impact on one’s diabetes management. Maybe not immediately, but the good will come.

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