Pebble Please

Did you know you can play games on a Pebble Watch? I suppose I should be surprised, but with so few control options, it can’t be satisfying, right?

After the charge cable for my Pebble didn’t make its connecting flight home and a replacement was ordered, Dexcom data is now back on my wrist, available for interpretation or occasionally admiration at a moment’s notice. Having my data presented like this doesn’t necessarily change how my diabetes is managed. I’m still using my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor to fill in the picture of my blood glucose journey, and I’m still using a proper blood glucose check to inform insulin dosing – most of the time.

But Nightscout enables a bit more freedom during the more casual moments of living with diabetes. Instead of fumbling around looking for my receiver or worrying which pocket I last put it in, the receiver stays on my desk, roughly in the middle of our apartment. The watch then becomes my primary access point for my data. And looking at my wrist becomes the primary action for accessing my data.

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