About Medicine X – The Panel

This post will be quite lengthy. The short version, if you don’t have much time, is that the panel I moderated at Medicine X is now archived and available on the Stanford Medicine X YouTube channel. When you have the time, you should check out all the other great content over there. As of this post, there are a number of interviews, panels, and features. Hopefully the rest of the ignite talks will make it up there too.

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Without Wax

So I know I’ve written a few posts that have portrayed me as a cranky old man without a meaningful relationship to his name. I think that side of me is a defensive mechanism expressed to hide both my fears and jealousy. That being said, I haven’t been entirely honest will you all as far as my current situation is concerned. Yes I am still single but that doesn’t mean I’m not in engaged in a “pursuit” of sorts. After all, why would I go into so many lengthy rants about everyone else’s relationships unless I genuinely thought I could have one of my own. Continue reading