The Day After

Medicine X is a little over 12 hours in my rear view mirror and there’s a lot to discuss – far too much to cover in a single blog post. But since you’re here, I want to give you a rough estimate of the stuff you can expect from me over the next couple of weeks as I digest the past three days.

Sara and I will be combining powers to give impressions of the conference some time soon. I think it will provide a well-rounded picture of the weekend given the variety of expectations for the conference. Having gone to Medicine X last year, our perspectives leading up to the conference were no doubt going to be different.

At some point I’m going to start curating my tweets for a lengthy Storify post. I’ll be sure to pepper in pictures from the Medicine X Flickr account as well to paint a clear picture of what I was a part of.

And of course there will be my impressions on the panel I moderated – which was awesome.

Our panel.

There are a few other stand-out moments that I want to take the time to dissect for your and my pleasure. Even though I went through this last year, it’s still hard to comprehend how so much could be fit into such a short timeframe.

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This is happening. #googleglass #MedX

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(That’s me with Dr. Larry Chu, the conference director. He let me wear his Google Glasses for nearly 3 hours. That’s the kind of awesome the weekend included.)

I appreciate your patience as I try to figure out exactly what I want to say about all of this, but I think the fact that there’s so much to talk about is a good thing.

Dont forget to check out my Storify post on my Medicine X experience.

Disclosure: I was awarded a partial scholarship to attend Medicine X this year. All other expenses, including the remainder of the registration was paid out of pocket. In case there was any doubt, I’m writing about this stuff for me.

Casual Observations

As I sat waiting for my turn at my local LabCorp facility in preparation for tomorrow’s endocrinologist appointment I had a number of casual observations that most certainly would have made for an interesting Twitter stream – if I had more than 140 characters available to compose my thoughts. Lucky for me, Twitter is not the only hey-look-at-me platform I occupy.

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