Mainstream Coverage

Is it bad that I get excited at the mere sight of diabetes coverage in more mainstream outlets that simply “get it right”? It doesn’t matter what they’re talking about, but the simple idea that the topic of diabetes is reaching eyeballs of the un, or underinformed, makes me happy.

Today a few of my friends shared this article from NPR asking why insulin is so expensive. Last year this article about Sierra Sandison made a number of rounds across the Internet. Remember that dominatrix lady from CSI who also had type 1 diabetes? Maybe that was just me.

I suppose it’s telling that any factual coverage is enough for me, but we have to start somewhere, right?

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This is NPR

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This is NPR.

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Dayle and I went to a recording of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me tonight. It was fantastic.

From a podcaster’s perspective, it was fascinating to see how the show actually comes together including the rereads and cold opens that go into the final edit. And in case it wasn’t evident from the shows that air on Sundays, Peter Sagal is a really funny guy. Being that quick-witted on stage takes some serious talent.

If this show ever comes to your neck of the woods, you should jump at the opportunity to be part of the audience. It’s well worth the price of admission.

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