We The Gamer

These Troubled Times (Drink!). Now that that is out of the way, Sujoy and I decided to develop a stimulus package for the gaming industry to help everyone move forward as a competent industry. Because nothing is recession proof. Before we get to the legislation, we have a translated version of the Preamble of the Constitution to start things off. Every good piece of legislation has filler text that means absolutely nothing, why shouldn’t ours. “We the Gamers of the World, in Order to form a more perfect Industry, establish Competition, insure gamer Satisfaction, provide for common Enjoyment, promote the Uncommon over Ordinary, and secure the Blessings of Common Sense to ourselves and our Publishers and Developers, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the 1337 Hax0rz.” Continue reading

Can Wii Be Saved?

For the gamers that care, the Wii is not a primary console. It’s a novelty. Something that you can use to entice mom and dad with to get into gaming. Something to be used as an entry drug, a stepping stone into a genre of gaming that isn’t just carnival games and cute and cuddly colors and animals. However the Wii is not marketed to gamers with more than one console. And if trends are a solid indicator of the future, Nintendo may no longer need gamers like you and me to support their growing lead on the home console market. Continue reading