So Mysterious

Depending on your ability to lurk on twitter you might have noticed an increase in vague and mysterious tweets. It’s about all I can do right now. Of course in talking about my inability to talk about what is going on I realize I’m engaging in a cycle of absurdity. For what it’s worth, I hope to reveal what is behind door number one next week. If all goes to plan. But if the current (or any other) season of 24 is any indication, no plan is secure unless Jack Bauer is running point. DROP THE WEAPON!!!

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National Hockey Night

I felt like I’ve been doing all of my listeners a disservice talking about experiences with some of my friends without having a fully accurate first-hand account to relay some of the better stories. To remedy that, I’m bringing on Greg Miller, Hockey Enthusiast and friend from high school. Seriously, this guy loves him some hockey. Before we get that far we get into what it feels like to see your best friend of 26+ years getting married, the cost of hockey pads, and why ferrets are evil.